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San Antonio Student Loan Debt Lawyers

We fight debt lawsuits, unfreeze bank accounts, and stop wage garnishments. So that you can Take Back Your Life!

San Antonio Student Loan Lawyer

We Reduce Student Loan Debt

The cost of getting a four-year degree at a typical college or university in the United States has nearly doubled over the past 20 years, even when adjusted for inflation. According to the College Board, an estimated 60 percent of bachelor’s degree recipients over the past ten years have borrowed to fund their education, through the federal Stafford Loan program or other means. These costs are imposing an unprecedented burden on recent graduates, many of whom may have had difficulty finding well-paying employment in a soft job market.

While the federal government is a particularly difficult creditor, and one that is getting more and more aggressive in collecting on defaulted student loans, there is still hope. Depending on your situation and the length of time you have been in default, we can help you work with your lender to establish a rehabilitation payment plan or a negotiated payoff. If you have defaulted, do not assume that there is nothing you can do to erase or repay the debt and rehabilitate your credit. Give us a call and speak to an experienced San Antonio student loans lawyer. We’re here to help.

Tired of Dealing with Student Loan Collectors?

Are you tired of your student loan company talking down to you every time you call, frustrated that your student loan company doesn’t take your concerns seriously, or angered that your student loan company has changed your repayment terms once again without your permission? Hundreds of thousands of student loan debtors in Texas can’t sleep at night because they are terrified about the repercussions of default. Who wouldn’t worry when the laws that apply to other creditors regarding wage garnishment and tax-refund intercept don’t apply to the student loan industry?

You Are Not Alone

Millions of Americans have private student loans and most of them get treated with the same level of disrespect by the student loan industry. This is largely because the options for dealing with federally backed student loans are not available for the private ones. The student loan “establishment” is rigged to keep you in the dark about your rights under the law. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. We know how to resolve private student loan problems and how to put you back in control.

Who We Are and What We Do

At the Mastriani Law Firm we have been practicing in San Antonio and throughout Texas for over 30 years. We love this area of law because it gives us the chance to help people who really are trying to do the right thing.
We are firmly committed to finding a better way for all consumers who are struggling to shoulder the burden of troubled student loans, particularly to private student loan borrowers. We are not dabblers in this area, nor are we a “student loan relief company.” Let us be your secret weapon in the war on troubled student loans. Your loan history doesn’t matter, working together; we can put your life back on track to financial stability free of student loan worries.

Ready For Help? Contact Your Student Loan Lawyer Now

We offer free phone consultations for debtors with private student loan problems and meet with clients in San Antonio and throughout the state You can schedule an appointment with us right now. Also, you can fill out our contact form and one of our fantastic student loan lawyers will get in touch with you very soon.

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