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San Antonio Debt Buyer Lawyers

We fight debt lawsuits, unfreeze bank accounts, and stop wage garnishments. So that you can Take Back Your Life!

San Antonio Debt Buyer Lawyer

Debt buyers are companies that purchase billions of dollars in debt from credit card companies that have written off the amounts because of non-payment. These amounts are bought for pennies on the dollar. Debt buyers thrive on millions of dollars in default judgments in the San Antonio court system. Debt buyers then attempt to freeze the bank accounts and garnish the wages of individuals who may be completely unaware of the judgment against them.

The Mastriani Law Firm is positioned to advocate that debt buyers frequently do not have any of the necessary documentation to prove they are the legitimate owners of the debt. Furthermore, the statute of limitations has often passed in many of these cases, but hundreds of families in San Antonio and throughout the area are completely unaware of their rights. If you are being pursued by a debt buyer or dealing with other debt collection, mortgage, or credit report issues, we can provide the assistance you may be seeking.

Debts may have transferred multiple times before a debt buyer attempts to obtain a judgment in court. These debt purchasing companies rely on the individuals being sued not appearing in court. Counsel of an experienced lawyer can result in a favorable outcome.

We Fight All Debt Buyers

Here is a list of some of the debt buyers we have beat in the past:

Asset Acceptance, LLC
Equable Ascent Financial, LLC
Hilco Receivables, LLC
Pharia, LLC
Main Street Acquisition Corp.
Riverwalk Holdings, LTD.
Troy Capital
Harvest Credit Management LLC
Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC
LVNV Funding LLC
Unifund CCR Partners
Palisades Collection LLC
Vion Holdings LLC
Crown Asset Management LLC
Midland Funding LLC
Arrow Financial Services, LLC
Samara Portfolio Management LLC
Call Inc.Advantage Assets Inc., II
Precision Recovery Analytics, Inc.

Unlimited Asset Recovery Inc.
Bureaus Investment Group Portfolio Inc.
NCO Financial Services, Inc.

Dodeka, LLC
Midland Credit Management, Inc.
Encore Capital Group Inc.

Contact an Experienced Debt Buyer Lawyer

It is important for consumers to understand their legal options when confronted by collection agencies and at The Mastriani Law Firm we assist consumers in San Antonio and throughout the county. Victims of junk faxes, merchant receipts disclosing excessive credit card information, payday loans, or landlord tenant notices may be entitled to damages in certain instances. If you are being harassed by a debt buyer or collection agency, we can help prevent these companies from continuing to contact you. Contact an experienced San Antonio debt defense lawyer at 713-965-7595 to see how we can be of assistance

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