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San Antonio Auto Dealer Fraud Lawyer

Each year, millions of Americans purchase vehicles from dealerships across the country. Most consumers are completely unaware of the deceptive practices and tactics of many of these bad businesses have done. Fraud can occur at every level of the sale, from what you were promised about the condition of the car to the financing of the purchase. For many consumers, the truth does not come out until after the sale is finalized and they are financially responsible for the vehicle.

At the Mastriani Law Firm, we are committed to fighting for these buyers and holding bad dealerships accountable for lies, deceit and fraudulent tactics used to finalize a sale. There are countless ways a dealership can commit fraud against the consumer, from misrepresenting the true history and condition of the car to financing. Call our lawyer today in San Antonio at 713-965-7595 or contact us online.

Representation Following Unfair Trade, Unfair Trade Practices And Lemon Law Throughout San Antonio

Dealers rely upon auctions for the majority of their vehicle inventory. Anyone experienced in the trade can tell almost instantly if a vehicle has been in a collision or been damaged. Bad dealers seek out these vehicles that they can buy on the cheap and then sell to consumers at an unearned profit.

Even new motor vehicles are often damaged prior to sale. They are damaged in transportation from the factory, on test-drives or just being moved around the lot. Even though the New Motor Vehicle Disclosure Act requires that dealers disclose damage of a certain type – any permanent glass for instance – or a certain amount, they rarely do.

Bad dealers work to give the car buyer a false sense of security in the quality and condition of the car. Many times, the consumer will only find out about the additional flaws or frame damage until after they think it is too late or the car has been damaged further. We probably still can help.

San Antonio, TX Financing Fraud Attorney

Bad dealerships often take advantage of buyers as they arrange financing for the vehicle, claiming that they are providing the best interest rates and price possible. They pretend that they are acting as a middleman to the bank or financial institution, working for you. In most cases, the dealer is not only the seller but the creditor. The dealer is financing the purchase. Then the dealer sells the deal to the bank. The dealer will often mark up the financing to make an extra unearned profit.

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